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Stay in complete control.

The organizational talent with a global overview.


Don’t search: find!

The central media archive that keeps all your data available.


Competitive in the world market.

The product information management for cross-media communication.


Understood the world over.

Translation management for the fastest time to market.


Always correct.

The correction tool with an integrated approval system.


Turn the page to new time savings.

The fully automated catalog creation with a time bonus.


Modern shopping.

The online sales platform for ambulatory commerce.


Rent or buy.

It’s your choice.

Efficiency in a box.

You can rent or purchase myWorkflow® – you alone decide what’s in the package. We provide a box that is preconfigured according to your needs, ready for you to install in-house, integrate into your network and configure individually. This way, data sovereignty is completely in your hands. Always included is your media database myMedia® and your own server.


Your choice

The entry-level solution
In addition to a small monthly fee,
which already includes myMedia®,
you only book the functions
and products that
you actually wish to use.

The premium version
Use myMedia® and myMIM® as well
as a host of additional functions
at an affordable all-inclusive price.
All other products can be booked separately
as a service (SaaS) at any time.

The all-round carefree package
Our purchase solution includes
the multitude of products –
and we will be pleased to individually
activate myShop and myCatalogs®
anytime for you, too.


At a glance