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Turn the page to new time savings.

The fully automated catalog creation with a time bonus.


Rent or buy.

It’s your choice.


Stay in complete control.

The organizational talent with a global overview.


Don’t search: find!

The central media archive that keeps all your data available.


Competitive in the world market.

The product information management for cross-media communication.


Understood the world over.

Translation management for the fastest time to market.


Always correct.

The correction tool with an integrated approval system.


Custom series.

The modular system for CI-compliant print data at the push of a button.


Turn the page to new time savings.

The fully automated catalog creation with a time bonus.


Catalog production is considered one of the advanced disciplines of product communication, but also one of the most time-consuming. myCatalogs® now allows you to create catalogs, data sheets or price lists fully automatically: it instantly combines texts and images according to an exactly predefined layout.


Your benefits

Intelligent data fusion
Automated completion of customized
templates with text and image data

Advertising material automation
Fast creation of catalogs,
brochures or data sheets

Real-time preview
Preview of the final InDesign®
document in your browser

Online layout correction
Manual correction in
InDesign® web template

Excel® data synchronization
Quick comparison and
creation of EAN codes

Direct connection
Interaction with myMedia® & myMIM® for
completeness with regard to content and graphics

Smart interface
Connecting external and
internal sources

Accelerated production
Automated data fusion

High-quality market presence
Maximum quality and corporate
design compliance worldwide


Your choice