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Have your translators work directly in the web layout. Check the results immediately. Avoid repeated e-mail dispatch of text or PDF files. And access all translations anytime – at a central location on the web, 24 hours a day.


Your benefits

Central platform
All processes regarding multilingual
marketing media on a single platform

Simultaneous translation
One layout template
for all languages

Direct preview
Instant review and adjustment
of text and typography

Fast implementation
Avoiding text and PDF files
or repeated InDesign® adaptations

Clear communication
Legibility, correct allocation
and font compatibility

External connection
Taking advantage of the
benefits of Trados and Across

Intelligent memory
Reusing contents thanks to
Text Library’s Translation Memory

High-quality market presence
Compliance with corporate design
in all countries and target groups

Integrated approval system
Automated coordination
for faster time-to-market


Your choice